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A quick and simple way to start your study abroad programme is through Top College Admission. We are an international education consultant with headquarters in Delhi and offices across the nations we serve, including Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, and Russia. What else can we do to help? We supply world-class colleges that fit your budget and offer students complete educational solutions. We provide seamless services for obtaining a student visa and helping you get to your first international destination. But we focus primarily on assisting undergraduate and graduate students with the admissions process.

Our Mission

We give students hassle-free entrance by giving correct information about the universities and courses. Develop enduring connections with cooperating institutions and provide students studying abroad specialised services. After being accepted by the institution, we assist with the visa application process and guarantee that prospective students are only admitted to the best schools. We help kids by providing them with strategies for feeling at ease in a strange setting.

Our Vission

The founder of Top College Admission, Mr. Alok Bharti, is an MBBS graduate by training. He is well-versed and aware of the system that prevents students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and middle classes from realising their dream of becoming doctors for a variety of reasons, such as the NEET’s intense competition, the cost of attending medical school, or being duped by educational consultancies.


We are in our 12th season of operation and were founded on the idea of “learning for living.” Life is essentially a learning experience, therefore when we start a new year, education must remain a top priority. We think we are well-positioned to give you the correct service and guidance since we have extensive understanding and expertise of the Indian educational system. To provide you the best combination of alternatives, we have carefully chosen the universities and institutions in our collection. Our educational partners provide us a wide variety of settings, programmes, and costs to meet all demands and financial constraints. We have also taken the effort to make sure that each of our educational partners has the facilities, reputation, and progressive attitudes necessary to provide all of our customers with the support and help they need. Additionally, we are able to provide all of our clients with a carefully constructed support and counselling programme that is available across the nation. With a network of counsellors spread around the country, we are able to offer in-person counselling, ensuring that each of our customers receives the most appropriate introduction to India’s educational system and universities.


We offer services similar to those of any other education organisation, but what makes us stand out from the competition is our commitment and effective time management. We feel for kids who are relocating to a new country from their home country. In this regard, we make it our job to support you at all times and ensure that you do so beginning with the moment you decide to work with Top College Admission.

We go above and above to provide you with the services you require. We help you select an appropriate bachelor’s or master’s programme.
We issue admission to prestigious universities. We assume your worries and assist with paperwork legalisation.
We are here to support you as you pursue your education.
If necessary, we handle transportation and lodging.

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